1 / Food for Thought

The Vision

A time will come when all creations - the building, the object, the text - will have an intrinsic integrity.

Building design has a real impact on the quality of life of its occupants, just as urban spaces have on societies and objects  on human comfort. For this reason, it is necessary that all new creations be carefully considered in terms of their viability - in particular because, increasingly, new creations rapidly become obsolete.


2 / Interrogate, Create, Execute

The Mission

What does this mean for a design professional? A higher sense of responsibility. After all, why create more, when the world is already filled with so many objects? Why reflect more, when the world is filled with unrealised ideas? Why build more, why more?

Let us then begin with less.

Less frivolity, more intention.

Less precariousness, more durability.

Less triviality, more thoughtfulness.


3 / "Better done than said"

Our Values

Rigour and Integrity: Maintain the essence of what one wishes to attain, from the initial sketch to the final product, irrespective of the contingencies that may arise. If the Client wishes for a family home, s/he will not end up with a B&B.
Honesty: If porcelain is demanded, ceramic will not be applied.
Quality: Building is onerous in an increasingly materialistic world. Any addition requires the use of durable and quality materials, with perfect execution.
Intemporality: We aim for intemporal results that will remain relevant in 10, 30 or 60 years: that is to say, future archaeologies.



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